Avaira Vitality

Avaira Vitality

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السعر بنقاط المكافآت : 3300
الشركة : CooperVision
النوع : 411
نقاط المكافآت : 100

Contents: 6 contact lenses for one time monthly use Suitable for dry eyes Lens Base Curve: 8.5 (-) / 8.4
Water content 46%
Diameter of the lens: 14.2 mm Lens material: Polyethylene glycol

If there are luxury contact lenses, then they are definitely Avaira. The materials that were made of these lenses were provided with ultra-porous materials called silicon hydro-gel to give the lenses an excellent ability to supply oxygen, which improves the eye's health effectively. Besides its superior level of UV protection, Avaira medical contact lenses are among the most difficult to compete

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